First impressions are the last , should they ?

Placeholder ImageIt’s easy to judge

Β© Nagraj Deshmukh

How easily we judge people
By their clothes , face and colour
Who cares if someone said
Don’t judge a book by it’s cover

Their Facebook profile is
The profile of their character
Status and chatting on WhatsApp
Decide friend or stalker

Their photos on Instagram
Decide the ‘how cool’ factor
And the test for general knowledge
Is by their tweets on twitter

Thus the boy with the motorcycle
Becomes the rich spoiled brat
And the girl with a taste for fashion
Becomes the cheap little slut

Even a brother sister duo
Becomes a shameless couple
And a boy and a girl meeting
Is an invitation to trouble

How easily we judge people
Based on anything for that matter
That we forget that this could
Lead to the next rape or murder

Even judging can get tiring at times
Stereotypes make it easier
A Punjabi is an alcoholic
And a Bengali’s a smoker

One who doesn’t party
Is a geek and introvert
One who visits temples
Is essentially backward

An unfortunate disabled person
Is a sitting duck for mockery
And people with northeastern features
Don’t even belong to this country

So stop judging for a change
Try knowing them for who they are
Believe me you won’t regret it
But share your story with all

24 thoughts on “First impressions are the last , should they ?

Add yours

  1. The overall idea of this poem is one that I’ve heard before, but I loved how you put it into new words. I love how poetry can take something we thought we knew and connect it to our souls in a new way. Thanks for sharing this, I enjoyed it. I wish you the best in your further writing!


  2. its really nice it gives others an open mind thinking about not to judge people, (as we are often to do so) nice lines


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