I wish I had told her…


Halki muskane , bheege maikhane ,

Jo Nasha , tu hi tu Jane
These lines brought a smile to my face as my mind wandered off to the times when I used to feel something for someone. Its a nice feeling when seeing her giggle makes you happy, you try to find out just about everything about her, you want to look at her all the time but back off when she turns and rolls her eyes towards you. She knew me but we never talked, not even a single word. It makes me wonder why I didn’t tell her ! Shyness ? Fear ? I don’t know. But first love is ageless, timeless, eternal, even if it’s one sided. Maybe that’s why even seeing a photo uploaded by her calms my soul. That was the story of my first love, relive yours as you listen to this soulful original ‘Halki Muskane’ by my friend .

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A work by my friend and me.


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