All questions and no thought makes Jack a confused boy


Finding out

© Nagraj Deshmukh

Will I wake up every day
And live my life
To the fullest

Will I find my passion
And embrace it
To be happy

Will I find the love of my life
And ask her
To be one

Will she answer the call
And say yes
To be mine

Will I get a job I like
And be stable

Will I be a good parent
And be the idol
To my child

Will my friends be there for me
And support me
To be better

Will I have a dream tonight
And get the answers
To these questions
For once

That is the beauty of this life
It keeps changing
And is uncertain

But don’t lose control my friend
For your life is
In your hands

Author’s message –

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‘Log Kya kahenge ?’ Really ? First you should ask yourself the right questions and be clear about what you are doing and why you are doing it, so that no matter what people say, you have the full knowledge and justification for your decisions. Shut the mouths of those people with actions and not words. Be confident, be happy.


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