Sometimes …

holding hands

Sometimes , Keeping it simple is the most difficult thing to do.

When ‘We’re just friends’ seems easier than ‘I like you’

Sometimes , doing nothing is the most difficult thing to do.

When ‘I love you’ seems easier than ‘Hey, how are you’


Few weeks ago, a friend had given me a challenge to write about ‘simplicity’, but I soon realised that I just cannot write about a given topic, for the sake of doing it. I can write only when I feel like and only when something strikes me. Still, for few days I tried thinking over it and pen something down, but all I got was a jigsaw puzzle with most of its pieces missing. I have my exams from tomorrow , and I cannot stop thinking that ironically enough, writing about ‘simplicity’ is one of the toughest challenges I’ve faced. And that’s when these four lines clicked in my mind. Just four. And that’s it. Even if I think of adding to them, I can’t. So I won’t. Because there’s no point in ruining them just because they’re less in number, right ? Hope you enjoy reading ! πŸ˜€

Sometimes, we unintentionally complicate things that are otherwise obvious. Sometimes it is because we fail to acknowledge the simplicity of the situation and rather choose beating round the bush , which in fact complicates things and sometimes it is because we fail to acknowledge the complexity of the situation and choose to act in the stupidest of ways possible. Solution to this ? Timing. Understand the situation, understand when to speak your mind out and when to keep your thoughts to yourselves. Simple isn’t it ?

P.S. – Dear friend, I tried, I really did. But when its not spontaneous, I just can’t do it. Hope I didn’t disappoint you.

Image Credit – Jacob Lund


7 thoughts on “Sometimes …

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      1. Ok ,I think, I think now I get what you’re saying ( still not getting the point though ). But honestly, in my opinion, spontaneous ones fare better than the thought over, forced ones. Or maybe I’m just not there yet ! πŸ˜…


      2. I think you get good and bad poems in equal measure for both sorts.
        The point I was trying to make is that poems are not always easy to write. You can be given a prompt but the response might not arrive immediately, sometimes we have to stew over it for a bit, and sometimes an event of thought a few days/weeks/months down the line will make us think about something differently and spark off the poem.
        Does that make more sense?

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      3. Yeah absolutely. Now finally it makes sense. Sure . I haven’t gave up on the challenge. Might write something down the line. You’re right, some poems need to be ripped out 😁


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