Gather ye rosebuds while ye may !

Joie de vivre ( Attempt to dig those memories out and bring a smile on your face. Have a good day ! ) © Nagraj Deshmukh That kiss felt so comforting Unburdening my body and soul That feeling that I had longed for The kiss of nature... The skies roared and roared Until they burst... Continue Reading →


Simplifying the complexities

Confession © Nagraj Deshmukh Stealing my best friend's pen And on seeing his gloomy face, Sliding a new pen in his pouch I let confusion handle it My confession in the school bus Could have saved the fat boy From becoming the fart boy But I let ambiguity play it's game Confessions are so hard... Continue Reading →

Solve your problems , don’t die !

Hang in there © Nagraj Deshmukh The blades of the fan gave a tough fight Tried and tried spinning even when switched off You would think they're dead, still and silent But give them electricity and boom they start off At that exact moment before his supposed end Spoke a voice that had won the... Continue Reading →

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